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Family Counseling

Confidential Couples & Family Counseling

Make sure your home is a happy and healthy environment for everyone. Hope & Wellness LLC in Medina, Ohio, offers couples and family counseling and assessments to improve the quality of your relationships. We provide therapy as a group, as well as in breakout sessions with individuals when necessary.

Mother and Daughter With Counselor


No matter what issues you and your partner are facing, we help you face the problems and handle them in a manner that is acceptable to both parties. Our couple's counseling focuses on effective communication skills and techniques to ensure your relationship is healthy and functional.


Improve the family dynamic and the quality of your relationships with family therapy sessions. We train both adults and children in communicating well. Our practice works with children's behavior as well as adults. We have experience with all kinds of families, including foster families and adoptive families.

Children's Therapy

When you are concerned about your child's mental and emotional health, we will work with them in a compassionate manner that they can understand. Play therapy is available upon request. Our practice has experience counseling children suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome and other drug exposure.

Video Therapy

Receive real-time therapy from anywhere in Ohio. Our online video therapy is available for any client who cannot travel to our practice, as well as anyone who is simply more comfortable conducting their counseling over the Internet. We make this special service available to our clients in order to remove the stigma and social barriers surrounding substance abuse and mental health counseling.

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Contact our practice to schedule a couples' or family counseling session that fits into your busy schedule.